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Which dog breed do you prefer the most ?

So recently me and my friends met a lot of different dog breed and we share about what are our favorite breed. Here is another casual post about dog breed you prefer!

One of my friend just bought a puppy toy poodle, his name is KOPI (coffee) ! And just out of sudden she just bought it with no experience at all! So all we do is we guide here bit by bit and so happy that this little fellow here got his new homey!

I haven’t get to meet him yet cause he is 3 months old only and need to wait for him to go for his jab before we can bring him out to play!

One of my friend got Japanese split quite awhile, and she actually share with me about his characters and i did learn a lot from her and get to know more about dogs.

It’s not so bad to have a medium breed size dog, it’s still depends on which type you love and of cause i more considered on spacious and easy manage and stuffs, So medium breed is totally not my kind, unless i have a bigger house and financial wise is also a big consideration. His name is sparky! Ha Ha! This is his sexiest post. He is very friendly and very nice to hug!

I kinda like medium breed, cause its nice to hug and all.  Especially their fluffy furrrrrr! Ha ha!

And actually my friend who bought this breed is because it’s cheaper compare to other breed. She was telling me Shiba Inu was her most favorite! and she wanted to get but it’s quite pricey.

A lot of people says Shiba was a cold character dog, but actually not. It’s also depends too!. One of my friend’s friend had Shiba and she was very friendly thou. So she was thinking whether to get shiba inu next time. Is fun to have a lot of dogs around you especially those who really a dog lovers like me! But also there’s a few things to be consider too! Manage is a big problem. That’s what we were talking about, cause Sparky actually not very obedient too! So as Oreo and Kopi. And we were like struggling with one dog at the moment, ha ha! But is good that we actually learn something from each other. That’s the purpose of dogs meet up! ^^

This is Oreo! Oreo was easy to manage as she know where to pee and poo in the house. So i wasn’t that much headache. I was glad that i get to keep her after my previous dog pass away quite a while ago. I was feeling very bad and i missed her so badly. After Oreo came to my life, I keep tell myself i want to give her the best i can no matter what and still manage to feed her healthy. Hope she will be as long as she can with me.

So what’s your favorite dog breed? Mine was Toy poodle, second is Goldie, Third is Golden doodle. I hope one day in the future i can get a Golden Doodle. Is so super cute! And it’s super huge! Recently we met some in the cafe. We were like WOW. Ha ha!

So share with me what’s your favorite breed in the comments below!

Hope you like my casual sharing !

Happy Reading!