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Pink for my Paw buddy ^^

Hello! Recently i have bought my paw buddy a new pink collar! i found it online and i find it quite cute so i bought it with a new shirt too!

The shirt says ” i love mommy” which is me! and fix just nice on her !

Have you ever love your pet so much that you actually bought a lot of stuff for her / him? ha ha! i bet you will! To show our loved to them and they gonna stay with you for life, so why not give them the best ? I bought a lot of toys for her to chew cause she loved to chew things and also to prevent her for chew any rubbish around the house, it’s best to have some treats and toys for them to play around. I mean this might not helps, i don’t know but is just to prevent it and not to let them be bored when they are alone while we working. Ha ha!







And also must take note that they won’t chew the collar, Oreo do chew it the previous one i bought. So i get mad at her. To make sure they can’ t reach the collar from their mouth.

Recently she just got a hair cut and it’s shave off, so i was wondering she might get cold or something, cause she used to lie on the floor but now she love to lie on my comfy bed or her bed. So i let her wear some non thick sleeveless clothing while at home too.

I feel it’s easier to manage wen she shaved off. So i don’t have to worry for the fur and all. But even if she have fur, the fur will not tangled up and all just that it’s best to be shaved.

I loved to be pink, So i made everything for her pink too! Tell me or share with me what do you buy for your pets below comment!

Hope you guys love my casual sharing! 

Happy Reading! 

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